The 5 Types of Content You Should Be Using Consistently to Grow Your Travel Leads & Bookings

5 types of content

We talked a lot about your Hub Content, and the best platform for you to publish with. Now I want us to look at the best 5 types of content you should be cycling through on a regular basis to get a steady flow of likes, followers, shares, leads, and new bookings! 

5 Types of Content


Couples looking for answers. You are teaching or educating your wedding couples. This usually is one of the TOP types of content that will drive wedding couples to your business.

  • Numbered Lists
  • Tips or Hacks
  • Answers to Popular Questions
  • Success Stories
  • Trends
  • Free Reports


Wedding couples are not just looking for answers, but also something that motivates them to that what they want is possible or inspire them to new ideas if they were stuck, and needed something to give them a spark in their planning.

  • Images of wedding design
  • Success Stories (your clients or others)
  • Famous quotes or sayings
  • Memes
  • Facts


Let’s face it, who makes more money, entertainers or teachers? Right! Entertainers. So once in a while, you want to create some content that is entertaining to your wedding couples. When they are under the stress of figuring out their destination wedding or honeymoon, they will appreciate being entertained once in a while, and it will make you a little more real to them as well.

  • Challenges
  • Contests or Giveaways
  • Something Funny
  • Memes
  • Sharing stories


You’ll want some of your content to spur conversations with your wedding couples that will result in comments, likes, DM’s and even replies to your emails

  • Asking for a reply to your email. (Example: “Hey if you don’t mind, would you take 30 seconds to let me know your biggest struggle planning your destination wedding?”)
  • Showing your wedding couples a destination wedding setup or theme, and asking them what they think about it.
  • You could give them a crazy fact and ask if they had heard this before, or did they know about this.
  • Debunk common myths or beliefs
  • Share a new understanding or revelation you discovered


Naturally flowing from building conversation is using content that will build connections with your wedding couples.

  • Behind-the-Scenes content
  • Honest stories of success and failures
  • Personal updates
  • Reviews of things your wedding couples might be interested in. Doesn’t have to be destination wedding related or honeymoon related, can just be something that is helpful to them.
  • Ask couples for their opinion

Wrap Up

Like we have said before, just START WITH ONE HUB PLATFORM, get good at that, then your spoke content can be broken off of your Hub.

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