2021 Wedding Trends

2021 Wedding Trends

The good news is weddings aren’t stopping, but they will continue to look a little different in 2021 with the pandemic still in everyone’s mind.

Keeping up on the latest trends is essential to not only attract quality new wedding clients in 2021 but also keep the current clients you already have on the books!

As you read the below trends, I want you to think outside the box and see if you can create something that will fill a need and be a solution for what today’s wedding couples want.

No matter what type of wedding business you run, here are some of the most important wedding trends to know about for the new 2021 wedding season.

Personal & Intimate Weddings

2021 wedding trends drink cart

Weddings are going to be more intimate and personal with an emphasis on curated & memorable experiences for the guests such as personalized wedding favors, unique tours or activities at the venue, like wine or local spirit tastings, wedding branded “grab & go cocktails” smores under the stars or even a high-end barista bar.

The idea is that the wedding couple will spend more per guest than a non-pandemic wedding and can also enjoy much more quality time with each and every guest.

Elopements & Micro Weddings

wedding chair with reserved tag

As the need for smaller ceremonies continues during the pandemic, usually tapping out at 25 guests, we will see a rise in this trend. So, having an elopement or micro wedding package as part of your services is advised.

Small Groups

Wedding couple
Photo: Ave Sol

Destination weddings will continue to be popular for small groups as well. With multiple choices and the ease of selecting a wedding date even in the middle of the week, destination weddings will be an easy solution for those struggling to find something local due to the 2020 couples rescheduling their wedding.

Warm Color Palettes

wedding trends warm color palettes

More warmer palettes such as rustic orange and deep burgundy could be making a comeback.

Smaller Wedding Venues

small wedding venue as 2021 wedding trends
Photo: Dream Art Photography

With elopements becoming very trendy to avoid many COVID-19 restrictions as well as the desire for a more intimate wedding day, small wedding venues are rising in popularity. This means that larger wedding venues need to get creative as most backyards are large enough for this size wedding, and even some homes have enough space.

Live Streaming Ceremonies

live streaming on a wedding

Live streaming ceremonies will be a huge trend, even if it is small in nature, because extended family like Aunt Carol or Grandma and Grandpa Nelson, will be able to enjoy the wedding without being at risk. Offering tech services to live stream weddings is a great added service to “seal the deal” for venue owners, photographers/videographers, and even wedding planners or DJs.

Colorful Tuxedos & Suits

bride and groom on a wedding ceremony
Photo: Jakob Owens

Colorful tuxedos and suits in colors such as dark ruby red, sapphire blue, or forest green for fall and winter weddings and more blush colors like soft red, peach, rose pink, berry & mauve-purple, ivory, and pastel-blue for summer weddings.

Bold, Bright, & Happy Color Palettes

wedding flowers

Just as the men are leaning toward more non-traditional colors in their suits and tuxedos, so too are couples now incorporating bright & bold colors in their wedding décor. 

Weekend Wedding Celebrations at Scenic & Beautiful Locations

top view of a wedding reception

Along with the intimate and personal weddings, couples are also doing weekend ceremonies at unique, intimate locations that never could have worked for a larger guest list. These will usually include an onsite concierge who will help run the weekend events ranging from a welcome reception, cocktail hour, ceremony, and even a send-off breakfast.

Bed & Breakfast owner? I advise you to connect with a local wedding planner and create an all-inclusive wedding package.

Going Big!

Josie & Phillip wedding
Photo: Alissa Sibley, River Wild Photography

What? I know most of the 2021 wedding trends are smaller & more intimate unless you are talking about wedding photos! Couples are desiring epic style photos for their wedding day. Maybe because they have had to sacrifice and pare down on the other parts of the wedding?

I know our daughter got married a couple of months ago in Michigan in early November deciding to elope with just a few family and friends, but then flew to Colorado for her “wedding photos” & minimoon to Colorado for epic & unique wedding pics in the mountains. Couples want very specific styled shoots for their wedding pics in unique and spectacular locations. Wedding couples are absolutely spending more on their wedding photos and fashion than before.

Dresses That Break All the Rules

wedding dresses as 2021 wedding trends
Photo: Charisse Kenion

This year’s wedding dress styles range from above the knee to long trains, vintage to timeless, sexy plunge lines to modest full coverage, and whimsical designs with bell sleeves. There’s something for every bride’s style.

Even The Bridesmaid Dresses Are Breaking Rules

Braeden & Nick bridesmaid
Photo: Joseph West

A fun mix of fabrics, styles, and colors, plus even patterns and ruffles. Shades of greens and blues will rule for Spring and Summer weddings.

Artisan Menus Are In

crepe station and donut bar

Because couples are focusing on a more personalized and memorable celebration, but also keeping their guests safe, foods that can be served once and quickly eaten are filling up the 2021 menus. Offering fun options such as an ice cream truck, barista bar, pop up gin & rum bar, Crepe or waffle station, burger truck, Thai Street Food, Charcuterie boards, even gourmet donuts, makes it easier to keep their guests safe while also making the food experience memorable for everyone.

Smaller or Individual Wedding Cakes

gourmet cupcakes for wedding

A similar theme for wedding cakes is also trending, due to smaller weddings but higher quality, couples are now choosing to serve gourmet style mini cakes, cupcakes, or even single layer cakes at their weddings. What is great about this trend is the sky is the limit when it comes to creativity and design. You can even pitch your couple on the idea of combining your wedding deserts & guest favors at the same time.

Now that you know some of the wedding trends for 2021, the best thing to do is study them and begin to think about how you could bring these into your business to stay relevant, so you can continue to earn a wedding couple’s trust, and ultimately get booked in 2021 and beyond. ✨

If you’re a wedding pro looking to generate quality wedding leads, check out my free video training! 👇

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