2020 Vision

2020 Vision

I did it. I broke down and got my first set of reading glasses. I was finding myself straining a bit to read, especially when I didn’t have the natural light to help make things clearer.

My daughter suggested investing in readers, and, to be honest, I had thought about it, but I didn’t want to cave because, to me, it was a sign of “getting old.” Sounds silly, but it was how I felt about it. Now, I see it more as a way to make life easier and keep my eyesight healthy longer because essentially, I’m not “abusing” the good sight that I have! #perspective 😆

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As we come to the home stretch of 2020, a year that has been filled with challenges we’ve never faced before, I want us to get clear on our vision for how we end this year. I want us to change our perspective on how we can turn these things for our good and finish the year strong as well as set ourselves up for success for 2021.

There are five areas that I believe we should have a purposeful and intentional vision for our lives: Spiritual, Family, Business, Personal & Health.

Without vision, we won’t be clear on the decisions to make, we won’t stay focused, we won’t be productive, and we won’t achieve what we truly want and that will result in discouragement.

By taking the time to get clear on our vision and maybe even seek help (like I did with my reading glasses), we will set ourselves up for success that even if we miss the bullseye, if we come close, that is better than not making any progress!

Take some time this week to examine each of the five areas of your life and decide on one thing that you’d like to accomplish before the end of the year in each of these areas of your life.

Maybe it is read three books, lose five pounds, exercise three times per week, have a date night every week with your spouse or kids, read a Psalm and Proverb every day, create a lead strategy, write a new blog post every week. Whatever it is, write down that one thing for each area of your life.

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Here’s the scoop; when we get clear on what we want to focus on, it allows us to say “no” to things that don’t line up with our vision. This results in us accomplishing what we set out to do because distractions aren’t getting us off course and filling up our time.

Once you have that one thing, create a plan to accomplish it. Don’t just write it down – you have to map it out. What you need to do monthly, weekly, and daily to keep moving forward toward the end destination.

I know you may feel like you don’t have time to do this, but if you don’t take a day to do it, you’ll lose 90+ days and be frustrated as you roll into a New Year. Don’t wait for the New Year for a new you! Start today with one are of your life, write down your vision and then design the roadmap to get there. Then tomorrow, do this for another area of your life.

Don’t wait for the New Year for a new you!

Let me give you an example of how I would pull this all together. Let’s say that my business goal was to increase my Instagram followers by 100 ideal clients before the end of the year.

I would begin with my end goal and do some math to see how many people I need to add each month, week, and day. I would then create a strategy to make that happen: get up 30 minutes earlier each day, find new hashtags to use, like and comment on 10 posts of my ideal client each day, do one engagement story each day and three “helpful tips” stories each week, post each day, boost the best performing post each week for $5/day for 3 days. You get the idea.

Can I guarantee that this strategy will work? Nope! However, if I shoot for 100 and get 75, would that be a failure? If I shoot for nothing, I get nothing. Let’s turn things around and finish 2020 strong. Let’s get intentional. Let’s get purposeful. ✨✨✨

If your vision to end 2020 strong is to create a lead strategy, I invite you to watch my free training! 👇

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