Do You Want To Be A Destination Wedding Planner?

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I want your job! Over the years, I have heard this phrase so many times. “I want your job!” or “Are you hiring?” or “How do I do what you do?” While the statements are kind and understandable, everyone always wants the end result of something, right? These remarks come to me when I’m traveling…

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The Butcher, The Baker, The Candlestick Maker

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If you are an entrepreneur like me, most days you find yourself doing a variety of tasks that you either dislike, aren’t good at or even dread doing! The concept of being an entrepreneur and working for yourself, making your own way, blazing your own trail and leading the charge is exciting and invigorating. When…

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5 Ways To Get 5-Star Reviews: Tip #5

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Tip #5: ???? Charge a Planning Fee ???? Charging a professional planning fee (even when you are going to make thousands on the group travel/bookings) is a must! Your time is valuable. Your services are valuable. You are a professional and anyone planning a wedding knows that there are going to be fees to secure…

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5 Ways To Get 5-Star Reviews: Tip #4

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Tip #4:🤝 Work with the Right Person 🤝 This is an area that I failed in so many times I cringe. Here’s the thing, all the resorts look great online and there is no way I could get to all the places before starting my business. I had to trust that the resort would fulfill…

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