12 Days of Social Media Content to Grow and Engage Your Followers During the Holidays

12 days of social media content

Cue the music: “It’s the most wonderful time of the year…” 🎶 Except when it comes to keeping up with everything on your plate as a parent, spouse, friend, child, sibling, and travel business owner.

How about we make social media fun and engaging, for ourselves and our followers?

As we talked about in our last blog post, one of the common mistakes that travel professionals make this time of year is not continuing to work on their business, specifically when it comes to marketing and staying in front of your clients.

I suggest that we use this time as travel professionals to engage our followers, allow them to get to know us better, and have some fun ourselves. After all, social media is meant to be social, and our followers need a break from all the Holiday noise.

With that, here are some simple and fun holiday social media ideas for travel professionals designed to increase engagement.  

12 Days of Social Media Content

12 days of social media content

I call it the 12 Days of Christmas Content!

Day 1: Reel

Introduce yourself using the ornaments on your Christmas tree

Day 2: Story Poll

What do you like best, Christmas Movies or Christmas Music?

Day 3: Carousel Post

Share a favorite holiday recipe.

Day 4: Story

Start an “Add Yours” sticker in your stories…

  • Something handmade
  • Something brand new
  • Something old
  • A favorite ornament

Day 5: Story Poll

White lights or multicolored?

Day 6: Reel

Share a favorite Holiday tradition and have your CTA be, “Share one of your favorite holiday traditions in the comments!”

12 days of social media content

Day 7: Story Poll

Real tree or a fake tree?

Day 8: Reel

How you prepare for the Holidays is much like how you prepare your clients for travel/or yourself for travel. Then, share examples.

Day 9: Story Question

Finish this sentence. “If I could have my way, my tree would stay up until…”

Day 10: Reel

Share what Christmas means to you and relate that to the experience you want your destination wedding couples and their guests to have.

Day 11: Story Poll

Quote an obscure movie line and then give the options in the poll.

Day 12: Story Question

Finish this sentence. “It’s not Christmas until I’ve watched…” Then, share the answers.

Wrap Up

I hope these social media content ideas sparked the inspiration for you and made your life a little easier this holiday season.

Speaking of making life easier, have you heard that we have a monthly membership of done-for-you content exclusively designed for travel planners who sell honeymoons and destination weddings?

I encourage you to check it out!

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