How to 10x Your Travel Revenue and Stop Doing Wedding Shows

10x travel revenue

If you’ve ever done a bridal show, then you know the magnitude of the investment, and not just the financial investment either.

It requires a lot of prep work, set up, tear down, energy, and time, in addition to the expense of $2,000 or more just to participate.

I used to do bridal shows, and I did a lot of them. It was the only way I knew to get my travel business in front of my audience of engaged couples.

Lou and I spent a ton of time and money on our display, and we always bought two booths on the corner so we could get prime traffic.

Long weekends on your feet, talking to so many people and hoping you made a connection that would pan out, but realizing that there were simply no guarantees.

All that money, effort, time, and hard work without any guarantee. There had to be a better way!

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And there is! This is why Lou and I are so passionate about sharing what we did to get out of that race and finally start seeing our marketing dollars and efforts pay off big time, and we didn’t have to give up our weekends!

So, how do you 10x your travel business revenue? With destination weddings.

How do you get destination wedding leads? With a funnel. (Don’t worry, I’ll share a great resource for you at the end of my blog.)

For now, let’s focus on how you make money-selling destination weddings.

How to 10x your travel revenue and stop doing wedding shows

As a destination wedding specialist, I am able to charge a professional fee and because of how I have my business set up, my clients expect to pay a fee.

This is where the majority of the wealth is made in this business. On average, you’ll make about $120 per guest, but oftentimes, much more than that.

Not every resort brand will give you a commission on the wedding, but those that do will give 10%. So, if your couple spends $25,000 on their destination wedding, you will make $2,500.

This isn’t always a definite, but many brands have opportunities for bonus cash like $25 per room reservation. This adds up quickly with a destination wedding group.

Real life example

Let me share a real example with you of my client’s Jeff & Deanna.

  1. I charged them a $1,500 professional planning fee.
  2. They had 100 guests join them for their destination wedding and I made $19,003 in commission.
  3. They spent $25,430 on their wedding and I made $2,543
  4. Bonus commission was $810

Total earned was $23,856 from one destination wedding! Plus, I earned points for personal travel.

So, the secret to 10x your revenue is in doing destination weddings. Once you have a funnel in place, you’ll start attracting couples like Jeff & Deanna to your business and you won’t be a slave to your local market or expensive and risky wedding shows anymore!

I encourage you to get started attracting destination wedding clients today. Here is the resource I mentioned above so you can get your funnel in place! 👇

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